CancerStories project recruiting young people with cancer across the East Midlands

An innovative project spearheaded by Professor Alex Mitchell from the Department of Cancer Studies is looking to recruit young people with cancer to share their stories via online video diaries.

CancerStories is an established ehealth innovation launched in 2014 that provides hope and inspiration for those newly diagnosed with cancer as well as those struggling to return to their normal daily lives. Today CancerStories is expanding looking to recruit young people under 30 years old to share their story.

CancerStories provides patients and families with personal first-hand accounts of how real patients coped with their cancer. Many young people feel isolated and uncertain following a diagnosis of cancer and struggle to return to their previous role.

CancerStories uses a proven peer support model (i.e. patients accounts of their own inspirational journeys) and is available online and as an app. To date, CancerStories has recruited over 100 patients who have made over 500 videos. The programme has had 150,000 views on YouTube.

The project led by Professor Mitchell together with volunteers is hosted by CancerStories Ltd, a not-for-profit organisation.

Professor Mitchell, who is also an NHS consultant in psycho-oncology at Leicestershire Partnership Trust, said: “We are delighted to expand the programme to young people and families affected by cancer. We have had great feedback from patients who have already shared their story and most find the process of telling their account therapeutic. We are now open to any young patients and families with cancer to come forward from Leicestershire, Rutland and surrounding areas.”

CancerStories is now recruiting young cancer patients who can attend with their family. Anyone interested in sharing their story can get in touch with the project team. Those who want to view the programme can do so for free here.