Leicester academic discusses the Brexit white paper

Professor Katja Ziegler, from the University's School of Law, has discussed the white paper which sets out the government's plan for Brexit.

In an article for The Conversation where academics discuss the white paper, Professor Ziegler said: "The Brexit white paper once more reveals the contradictory goals the UK government has for Britain after Brexit. And it does nothing to help provide a sense of order of priority between the conflicting goals from the forthcoming negotiations. In that sense Brexit is still defined by the tautology: Brexit means Brexit.

"One cannot ignore the irony that in trying to gain control, the government seems to have lost it. Reading the white paper, I was left with a sense of futility: it took a lot of effort through the courts to defend parliament’s rights to have a say in the Brexit process. The white paper hardly provides a meaningful basis for parliament to fulfil its function to hold the government to account."

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