Leicester team to update patients on latest SCAD research findings

Researchers from our University will be providing updates on the latest findings of their research into Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD) on Saturday 12 November 2016.

The findings will be revealed during the second annual conference organised by Beat SCAD, a UK charity that aims to support those who have been diagnosed with SCAD, at the Leicestershire County Cricket Club.

During the conference Dr David Adlam and Dr Abtehale Al-Hussaini from our Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, who are leading the UK SCAD research project at Leicester will be updating patients, their families and friends on the progress and findings to date.

Dr Adlam said: “The SCAD study is an unusual study because it was initiated by a group of patients. A core of this group went on to form the Beat SCAD charity and their input has meant that just a few years into our study, we’ve got over 400 people registered to take part in our research into this rare heart condition. The SCAD study in Leicester is the first of its kind in the UK and Europe. The conference is our opportunity to update study participants and SCAD survivors on what our research has revealed so far.”

The conference agenda also includes sessions for newly diagnosed SCAD patients, helping them to understand the condition and what to expect during the first couple of years following diagnosis. There will also be talks about anxiety, exercise, going back to work, managing the psychological aspects of SCAD, and more to help both SCAD patients and their families/friends move forward.