University celebrates prospering partnership between academia and medical practice

Our University is celebrating the close collaboration between academia and medical practice by recognising, at an unprecedented scale, the outstanding contribution of healthcare professionals to the University’s academic mission.

In what is a critical landmark in the University’s partnerships with healthcare providers, over one hundred honorary titles are to be awarded in the inaugural University Honorary Appointment Conferral Ceremony on Thursday 26 May.

The celebration recognises the contribution of healthcare practitioners to the University’s academic mission, the majority of which are working within the NHS. These dedicated individuals have demonstrated excellence in research studies, education and training, or have led clinical innovation in addition to their clinical duties. 

Professor Philip Baker, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Head of the College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology and Dean of the School of Medicine, said: “Working together, the University with its clinical partners have extraordinary academic clinical ambitions for Leicester. These ambitions are key to improving and enhancing healthcare and healthcare outcomes.

“Only by working in partnership, with cutting edge research and high calibre education of medical students and doctors, can we ensure that the healthcare provided in the city and county, attains the highest possible standards. The creation of over a hundred honorary University staff is a landmark step along the route to establishing Leicester as a premier academic health science centre.”