Writer Robert MacFarlane to speak at event

Revered British writer Robert MacFarlane will be delivering the free public Annual Creative Writing Lecture supported by Santander Universities on Thursday 10 March.

During the lecture, Robert will discuss the impact humans have had on our planet and how Earth has been pushed into the ‘Anthropocene’ due to our actions.

Robert has twice judged the Man Booker Prize and his works on landscape, people and place have won him numerous literary awards and have seen his work turned into documentaries.

The lecture, which is held in partnership with Literary Leicester and the Centre for New Writing, represents a rare opportunity to hear Robert speak.

In 2016, scientists led by researchers here at Leicester, will recommend on whether we have now entered the Anthropocene - a new epoch of Earth history in which human influence has come to shape the planet so powerfully that it will leave its mark in the geological record.

The free public lecture, ‘The ‘Anthropocene’ Era: Writing the end of Nature’, will take place at 6:15pm on Thursday 10 March at the University of Leicester’s Peter Williams Lecture Theatre.