The Bulletin Leicester ranked amongst top 100 universities in Europe

In this episode of The Bulletin from the University of Leicester News Centre, you can hear where the University of Leicester has been ranked amongst the top universities in Europe, you can find out how the university is planning on tackling some of the world's most pressing bioscience health issues and you can learn how researchers in the Deparment of Economics discovered that increasing the number of female traders in financial markets can reduce the occurrence of the most extreme crashes.

Also in this episode:

  • Hear about the Physics and Astronomy professor involved in not one, but two missions to Mars.
  • Find out which Leicester academic has written a novel and could now be in line for a prestigious award.
  • We reveal why this year's rugby varsity has been postponed and how it's affected ticket sales.

Plus, we tell you how you could help vulnerable children around the world with the help of the Danielle Brown Sports Centre.

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