Study suggests preconceptions predict coping and health outcomes

Research involving our University has shown people who have chronic kidney disease (CKD) form pre-conceived beliefs about their illness which can impact their health.

Existing studies looking at CKD suggest that negative thoughts and feelings can contribute to the condition getting worse.

Miss Amy Clarke (pictured), a researcher in health and behavioural psychology at the Department of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation who carried out the narrative review, said: “The studies we looked at suggested that patients, even in the earlier stages of the disease, experience a number of negative illness perceptions which influence the way they cope with their condition.

“The evidence suggests that understanding how patients feel about their condition should definitely not be underestimated and where possible we think working with patients to help them approach their illness more positively will have a huge impact on health outcomes.”

The Leicester Kidney Exercise Team is a multidisciplinary research group based at Leicester General Hospital. They are dedicated to enhancing the health, wellbeing and quality of life of people with kidney disease through appropriate physical activity and exercise.

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