Heart professor stars in BBC documentary

A leading Leicester professor is to appear in a BBC documentary after finding a link between red meat and heart disease.

Professor Toru Suzuki (pictured) from the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences was asked to conduct an experiment looking at how steak affects the body.

The investigation will feature as part of a BBC science documentary season, which focuses on finding the truth behind everyday issues.

Professor Suzuki said: “We recently identified that people who suffer from heart failure often have high levels of a metabolite called trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO) – of which red meat is a major dietary source.

“We were able to show that people who have heart disease and high TMAO levels are at a higher risk of poor outcomes (including death) than those with the same condition but who have lower TMAO levels.

“It’s because of our findings that the BBC asked if I would participate in their show looking at how food can affect health outcomes.

“It was very exciting to be asked to take part and I very much look forward to watching the team when it is broadcast later on in the year.”

The TV documentary is due to be broadcast in October and is part of BBC One's special The Truth About...  series.

Professor Suzuki contributed to the episode which will be called The Truth About Meat.

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