Leicester academic to appear on BBC Radio 4 to discuss celebrated American author J D Salinger

A University of Leicester lecturer in American Literature will be exploring the English influences on J. D. Salinger's work on BBC Radio 4 later this month. Dr Sarah Graham, of the School of English, will feature in 'J. D. Salinger: Made in England' next Thursday (18th), and will be discussing a specific period in Salinger's life, during the Second World War, which was spent in the south west of England. She will be joined by freelance writer and editor of the most recent biography of Salinger, Mark Hodkinson.

Dr Graham, who has published two books on the celebrated 20th century American writer, said: “Salinger’s work has never been out of print because it resonates with each new generation. It seems to speak to people of all ages from all over the world. The show will air on Radio 4 at 11.30am.

While recording the programme, the panel visited a country house outside Tiverton which the US Army used as headquarters during the war. The building has now been converted to flats, but Dr Graham and Mr Hodkinson spoke to residents, who had photos of the house during the war, with jeeps parked outside looking very incongruous.They also visited a church in Tiverton that seemed similar to one described in the short story.

Dr Graham said: “I’m talking about the relationship between the time he spent in Tiverton, Devon, and one of his best-known short stories, For Esmé--with Love and Squalor, which is set in a small town in Devon and features a soldier waiting to ship out to the war in Europe.

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