University of Leicester offers students degree discounts

The University of Leicester is making its university degrees more affordable.

Full fee waivers, fee discounts of up to 50% and cash scholarships worth £5,000 a year are just a few of the incentives being offered to attract the brightest and best students from around the world.

It is estimated that over half of the university's new students will receive some support from the university with some receiving more than one scholarship if they meet the appropriate criteria for each one.

The university offers two main kinds of undergraduate scholarship, as well as some specialist scholarships for extra-curricular talents. Examples of the latter include Music Scholarships for gifted musicians and Sport Scholarships for thriving sportspeople.

For a full list of undergraduate scholarships and discounts, see the Undergraduate Fees and Funding page:

For those wishing to pursue postgraduate study, a 10% fee discount is being offered to University of Leicester alumni as well as the children, siblings or spouses of current or former International (non-EU) students.

For a list of incentives for postgraduates, including alumni, distance learners and international students, please see here: