Medieval skeletons discovered at Leicester Castle

A team of Leicester archaeologists has uncovered medieval human remains at Leicester Castle.

The skeletons, discovered by builders while laying new electrical cables, have yet to be radiocarbon dated or identified but it is thought they may be six or seven centuries old.

The team from University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS) has been exploring the precincts of the historic building as colleagues at De Montfort University convert it into a business school.

Dr Richard Buckley, Co-Director of ULAS, said the bones may even be older than 700 years and could shed light on whether there was a church predating the current 12th century St Mary de Castro near the Castle.

He said: "They are going to be Medieval but what will be really interesting is how old they are.

"St Mary de Castro was founded in 1107 but theoretically there could have been an earlier church there.

"These skeletons could clinch that."

The team is working with construction firm Robert Woodhead, along with conservation officers and Historic England to carefully note and examine any findings.

Fire pits and hidden archways have also been uncovered during the work.