Life-saving equipment made publicly available

Our University has installed its first community public access defibrillators (cpads) which are available for use by staff, students and members of the public in an emergency.

The equipment is provided should someone have a sudden cardiac arrest on campus or in the vicinity of the campus.

They have been installed at the Charles Wilson Building which stands adjacent to Victoria Park, the Maurice Shock Building which is at the junction of University Road and Lancaster Road, at 21 University Road  - approximately 100m from the junction with London Road and at John Foster Hall in Oadby.

In addition two defibrillators are held by the University security team for their patrol vehicles and one has been placed at Stoughton Road Playing fields to complement those units already held at the University’s two sports centres (Danielle Brown and Roger Bettles).

Dave Hall, Registrar and the University’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “I’m delighted the University is making this vital equipment available - whether it is needed for staff, students, visitors, contractors or members of the public. It can be a life saver and a much-needed addition in providing help to people within the community.”