Child health lecture launches series celebrating Medical Schools 40th anniversary

The director of the country’s biggest study into child health will be presenting a lecture about the project on 10 September as the first of a series of lectures to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the University of Leicester Medical School.

Professor Carol Dezateux (pictured), Scientific Director of Life Study, will present 'Life Study: Identifying Pathways to Health in Early Life'. Life Study is a unique and world leading study which will track the growth, development, health and well-being of over 80,000 UK babies as they grow up, starting in pregnancy. It will support research which makes a difference to children and their lives.

In November 2013, Leicester was chosen as the second city to host Life Study with more than £1 million being invested in a dedicated centre, equipment and staff.

Professor Dezateux said: “Life Study is a research study which will help us to understand how to give children in Leicester and across the UK the best possible start in life. It focusses on some of the top concerns of parents in Leicester – and indeed of all those wanting to improve children’s health and life chances. Starting this month Life Study will be contacting expectant mums and their partners in Leicester and inviting them to take part."