Over 150 academics sign up as University experts

More than 150 Leicester academics have signed up as experts to the University's Experts Guide, helping to highlight research taking place at the University to the media and engage in topical academic debate.

The Experts Guide is a searchable database of research expertise used to help publicise the work of academics. It is used by journalists externally and the University's Press Office internally to track down academics to speak to when they need an informed opinion on a topic or current story.

The database works via tag words provided by academics about their research areas when filling out a short submission form.

Leicester academics have been quoted in articles from a wide variety of national and international media organisations. They are also actively contributing opinion pieces to The Conversation, where more than 125 Leicester-authored articles have been read over 1.5 million times.

Academics have written on a number of exciting topics, including why bosses are often presented as villainswhy porn stars should wear condoms and the origin of man's best friend, the dog.

Articles written by Leicester academics are also republished on Think: Leicester, the University's internal platform for academic opinion pieces.

Would you like to contribute an opinion piece about your research or topical news to The Conversation or Think: Leicester? Contact the News Centre to pitch your idea or read our submission guidelines.