Responsible Leadership and educating the next generation are priorities to tackle widespread prejudice in Britain

The former Chair of the Commission for Racial Equality, Lord Ouseley will draw on his own extensive experiences of coping with racial abuse and will set out his hopes for future community integration in Britain at a lecture on Thursday 22 October, ahead of the launch of a new diversity and equality think tank.

Lord Ouseley is delivering the inaugural lecture to launch the new development in the Department of Sociology - the unit for Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement (DICE).  It will tackle issues relating to diversity, inclusion, migration, integration, race and religion.

He has emphasised his concerns about the rise of prejudice and hate crimes and the damage being done to the efforts on the part of many to try to build better community and race relations locally and nationally for the benefit of all.

In his talk, Lord Ouseley will focus on the theme of prejudice, how that determines the treatment of other people, and influences discriminatory practices and outcomes.

Lord Ouseley will deliver the lecture 'Living in a Diverse Britain: Aspiration, Fears and Different Realities' on Thursday 22 October, 6.00pm, at the Peter Williams Lecture Theatre, Fielding Johnson Building, South Wing, University of Leicester.