Leicester Leads the Way Geodata Event for Business

On 12 March the University's IRSA project (part funded by the ERDF) organised a free event for local business and stakeholders to get across the importance of geographical data within the current trending Big Data agenda.

The event, Geodata: New Business; New markets; New Customers, was attended by over 100 delegates from more than 40 SMEs as well as local authorities, universities and larger entities. GIS Professional publications attended and evaluated the event in glowing terms.

Robin Waters from the publication said: "GeoData was a really useful contribution to our industry and very different from the average ‘Geo’ event. At the event the importance of and potential of geodata were thoroughly examined. It attracted true beginners and everyone could relate to some of the examples and the enthusiasm of the presenters was a joy to behold. As an industry we should take note and put on more events like this.

"The University of Leicester's Department of Geography is at the centre of pioneering GIS activity and the University is a site of regional excellence in space-related activity." 

The afternoon session allows delegates to try out a simple GIS system via ‘Scrappy GIS- Google My Maps’. 

Professor Paul Monks, IRSA project director added: “I am excited by using our skills in handling space data to make a real difference to business. We are keen to help businesses to use data to drive jobs and growth. There are clear wins for business using data."

Given the success of the March event, IRSA is running two business facing hands-on versions of the ‘scrappy GIS’ workshop on 17 June and 2 July at the IRSA office – Readson House, 96-98 Regent Road.  The 17 June event is in collaboration with Bettina Lange, a tutor with the WEA who is co-ordinating sessions for Adult Learners Week as part of the Festival of Learning.