Leicester medic rugby players show off their tackle for charity

The Leicester Medics Rugby Football Club (LMRFC) has bared all for a naked calendar in the name of charity.

Following a cycle ride and Leicester half marathon earlier this year, members of the rugby team have been braving the cold weather by appearing naked in a new 2016 calendar, in an ongoing drive to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Their fundraising efforts were driven by the news that a member of the team, Dr Mark Sims, was re-diagnosed with malignant melanoma, a form of skin cancer, earlier this year.

Joe Gardiner, LMRFC Chairman, said: "The photo shoots for the calendar were a great laugh, everyone's pretty comfortable around each other so putting ourselves in the funny positions was made even funnier by the fact we were naked.

"The team is really keen to raise as much money as possible for Mark, as he's such a top bloke and did a lot for the club when he was around, including organising our first ever tour."

When asked whether there were any 'hairy' moments, Joe added: "A couple of the boys got very close to my junk when we were taking photos in the maul and line out and it was also pretty cold when we did it..."

The calendar is already available to purchase for £8.00 by emailing: jbg8@student.le.ac.uk