Leicester donates 19 medical microscopes to Ugandan hospitals

Professor Nick London, Head of the Department of Medical and Social Care Education, has authorised the donation of 19, Leitz, light microscopes to Ugandan hospitals. 

These microscopes, which have become surplus to Medical School requirements, are being transported by Medical Aid International and are expected to arrive in Kampala shortly. Ugandan hospitals and rural clinics would need to raise a minimum of £1,200 or more to buy a single microscope of comparable quality, making the total saving of this consignment equal to at least £22,800 (over 127 million Ugandan Shillings). 

Dr Keith Waddell (pictured) who trained in ophthalmic surgery at Leicester, will oversee the distribution of the microscopes to Ugandan medical laboratories. 

The University recognised his 50 years of medical service in Uganda, by awarding him an honorary degree at its degree congregation on 14 July. Dr Waddell, who is now 79 years of age, has become a world authority on retinoblastoma, has restored sight to thousands of people in Uganda and adjacent countries, and continues his full-time work in Central Africa.

Watch a video of Dr Keith Waddell receiving his honorary degree on 14 July 2015 below: