English Language Teaching Unit hosts prestigious conference

The English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU) hosted the 2015 Biennial BALEAP conference from 17-19 April at the Manor Road conference centre in Oadby. 

Over 300 people attended from over 18 countries and there were two pre-conference events, three plenary talks as well as workshops, presentations, poster presentations, symposiums, a Pechakucha and a gala dinner at the Athina in Leicester. 

The conference was opened by the President and Vice-Chancellor of Leicester, Professor Paul Boyle, who spoke about the importance of international students and departments like the ELTU in helping to recruit students from around the world and helping them to achieve the level of English they need to succeed. 

The conference also had 15 exhibitors some of whom sponsored other parts of the conference as well as bringing along a range of materials for the 3 days. 

Both formal and informal feedback spoke of the excellent organisation of the conference by the ELTU staff and highly of the conference facilities provided, as well as the range and standard of all the presentations. The Pechakucha event was a new addition to a BALEAP conference and was very well received.

Philip Horspool, the Acting Director of ELTU, said: "A lot of hard work went into the preparation and delivery of the conference by ELTU staff and those working in the Leicester conference team.  The conference proved to be a highly successful event and a great advert for the University of Leicester. 

"I have received messages of thanks from many of the delegates including some of those that travelled from as far afield as China and New Zealand. Having Professor Paul Boyle open the conference for us showed delegates that leaders really do value what departments like the ELTU are contributing to the international strategy of UK universities and how they help to give opportunities to students from all over the world to come and study in the UK, in addition to vital support once they are here. 

"We were also delighted that we were able to offer a Leicester perspective through a symposium including staff from Law Media and Communication, Museum studies, the International Office and Student Learning Development."

Visit the website for photos and comments from the event and to see some of the presentations including the plenary talks.

See here for more information about BALEAP.

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