Industry Project

Module code: PA3241

The Physics Skills Electives are designed to help you improve your skills and enhance the career options available to you. In this skills elective you will undertake an original, multifaceted project working in a small team and in an area appropriate to physics research, industry, business, or teaching. Projects may be set by external clients in industry, business, or education, or by a client within the physics research community. The projects will typically be directed towards development of a final deliverable (e.g. data product, equipment, software, teaching resources etc.) for the client.

Projects will be allocated from a list of options submitted by clients within the themes of industry, business, research, and education, and give you the opportunity to build links with the client as well as to practice useful transferable skills. During the project you will have the opportunity to gain experience in project management, communication, team work, and problem solving giving you a head start to your future careers and providing valuable evidence for your CV. Examples of recent clients include Airbus Space and Defence, Gamma Technologies, Weatherford International, Jorin Ltd, Danetre and Southbrook Learning Village, and the National Space Centre.

Topics covered

  • Original investigation in a research, teaching, industrial or business environment
  • Problem solving, data analysis, and oral and written communication
  • Professional development
  • Project management and team working 
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