Mathematical Physics 1.1

Module code: PA1710

Physics is a mathematical subject. During your first year you will receive training in many of the fundamental mathematical techniques that are necessary for degree-level physics, beginning with topics that will be familiar from school and progressing to more advanced topics. These include Institute of Physics ‘core of physics’ material such as integral calculus (up to multiple integrals), series, convergence, probability distributions, and vector analysis.

To assist your studies you will receive, and work through, a departmentally produced textbook ‘Mathematical Physics vol. 1’. During this module you will develop transferrable skills in problem solving and communication, and the mathematical skills that are essential for the third year of this course.

Topics covered

  • Differential and integral calculus
  • Vector analysis
  • Elementary functions
  • Functions, limits and series
  • Multiple integrals
  • Elementary probability theory
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