Enhanced Practice

Module code: OP3001

This module will provide you with the opportunity to learn and demonstrate competence in the enhanced anaesthetic, surgical and post anaesthetic skills that are required whilst working as an ODP in the operating department and other peri-operative areas. You will spend time in various clinical specialities and clinical skills centres where you will learn, practice and develop enhanced skills, and practice as an accountable, responsible practitioner. 

You will understand how the broad principles of enhanced peri-operative practice are applied in new and evolving roles within operating theatres, therefore promoting an exciting future for the ODP workforce. You will evaluate and reflect on the enhanced care provided in the peri-operative environment and relate this to your own professional actions. Using evidence based practice you will critically analyse and evaluate the role of the ODP in the context of enhanced practice, fostering the concept of a multi-skilled approach to staffing operating theatres. Your learning, will enable you to utilise transferable skills through the holistic assessment of the individual needs of surgical patients.

(In order to complete this module, students will also need to engage in a period of elective clinical placement and an element of additional self-directed learning.)

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