Extended Essay

Module code: ML3176

This module offers you the opportunity to research a topic of your choice - after approval by the relevant Section Coordinator - and to produce an extended piece of work based on your study. With regular guidance from your supervisor, you will define a viable area of research within your chosen field and write an extended essay (5,000 words). You will apply your critical skills to the chosen texts and demonstrate your ability to work independently, organise and present your topic in detail, formulate complex arguments, supported with evidence from primary and secondary sources. You will learn how to build a bibliography and how to develop a methodology for your research. If you are academically minded, are able to work independently, and are thinking about doing postgraduate work, this might be an option to consider.

*Students wishing to undertake a Modern Languages extended essay in final year should note that this is available by successful application to the Section Coordinator only. Selection be will based on the student’s prior academic performance and the strength of the research plans that they are able to present.

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