A Critical Geography of Environment and Development

Module code: GY2411

This module will build on your first year studies on issues of environment, society and globalisation. You'll be examining and analysing how ‘development’ is practised, and the ideas and theories underpinning this. This will also involve looking at the implications of different development strategies for the environment.

This module will give you the opportunity to engage with current geographical thinking about a range of key environmental issues such as climate change, conservation and environmental justice. This is closely linked to critical debates and challenges in contemporary society, and you'll be drawing on the latest research to help you understand these. A range of ‘real world’ case studies, from various geographical contexts, will be explored to support your learning.

Topics covered

  • The contested nature of ‘environment’ and ‘development’
  • The complex impacts of contemporary ‘development’ on different spaces and places and environments
  • The politics and practices of aid
  • The contested dimensions of environmental governance with particular reference to climate change
  • Migration
  • Environmental and trade justice
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