Advanced Materials Chemistry

Module code: CH3208

During your second year, you would have learnt about the exciting world of materials chemistry during CH2207 Polymer & Materials Chemistry. In this module, you'll expand on the knowledge gained in that module and look at more advanced topics in the field.

You'll learn about the design of materials with specific properties, and get the chance to design your own using your chemical knowledge and computational methods.

You'll explore the analytical techniques used to characterise chemical materials, critically evaluate the advantages and limitations of each technique for different applications. Plus, you'll learn how to interpret analytical data in view of the properties of a material, and use this to predict material properties based on analytical data and vice versa.

You'll examine advanced chemical technologies and design concepts, and use this to propose novel materials and their synthesis.

Plus, you'll investigate the impact of organic materials in society and the environment, focusing on the fields of sustainability, diagnostics, imaging and drug discovery.

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