Education Research Project A

Module code: BS3301

If you are wishing to become a teacher after graduation then this module will provide an opportunity to gain invaluable experience in a primary or secondary school setting conducting education-based scientific research . You will work with a link teacher and a university supervisor to design and develop a piece of research, in addition to observing classes and taking part in a range of activities at a local school. You will become familiar with education-based research literature and will have the opportunity to reflect and improve upon your own teaching practice in preparation for your future careers.

Skills gained during this module:

  • Development of an awareness of how teaching is developed, delivered and evaluated in primary or secondary schools through participation in a wide range of activities
  • The ability to undertake appropriate initial literature searches and contribute to discussions about the focus, direction and progress of the research, showing an awareness of its wider context
  • The ability to keep a record of school-based observations and development of a school-based research project and reflections on these
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