Earth observations of the atmosphere

Module code: PA7201

This module will combine an introduction to the atmosphere and atmospheric sensing with practical experience in analysing large and complex atmospheric datasets.  After introducing atmospheric composition and structure and fundamental principles of radiative transfer, we will explore two key topic areas in depth - air quality, and climate/greenhouse gases -  to provide key understanding of techniques and applications in atmospheric EO. Through these topics you will gain understanding of how we monitor changes in the atmosphere due to human and natural activity, and impacts of these changes on people and the planet.

Lectures will focus on atmospheric science and sensing fundamentals and retrieval methods, relating point measurements with area measurements, and trend analysis, explored in the context of air quality and climate applications. Workshops will provide hands-on experience in these topics through the introduction of computing tools including R Openair, NASA Giovanni and Google Earth Engine. We will also explore a range of publicly available atmospheric datasets.

An applied project will enable you to bring together your understanding of theory and practice.

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