Working in the Creative Industries

Module code: MS2005

The ‘Creative Industries’ are at the forefront of government strategies across the world for developing post-industrial economies, are seen as exciting places to work and regularly feature at the top of graduate employment destinations. But what are these industries, and what is it like to work in them? How do graduates gain entry to these highly competitive, highly skilled jobs? What is ‘creativity’ and why is it so important to modern economies? And what does the future hold for creative sectors? This module combines theoretical material on the structure, organisation and working patterns in the creative and media industries with a more practice-orientated focus on the reflection and development of transferable skills.

In this module you will develop reflective, critical and informed approaches to your future career and work. This will be done through a combination of traditional academic research and scholarship, and more practical exercises designed to help you to identify and evaluate your own skills and interests, to help you to find a rewarding and exciting career when you leave university.

We will explore issues in the history and theory of contemporary work including key concepts such as creativity, the knowledge economy, precarious labour, and important issues such as internship culture, exploitation and inequality. There will be plenty of opportunities to discuss and build upon your own experiences and aspirations, and to conduct independent research on areas of creative and media work that interest you.

Topics covered

  • What are the creative industries?
  • Working in the knowledge economy - what is it like? Is it ‘good’ or ‘bad’?
  • Case studies in working in PR and advertising, television, new media, film and music
  • Creativity and teamwork
  • Precarious labour, internship culture and inequality
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