Global Media

Module code: MS1003

This module offers an introduction to theories of globalisation and the role of media and communication technologies in the transformation of the world at both local and global levels. You will have the opportunity to examine the role of transnational media corporations (TNCs) and the commercial impetus behind global media, and to evaluate theories of media and cultural imperialism.

We will take a closer look at the news, cinema and video games industries and how they inform and are shaped by the forces of globalisation in a changing world. We will also discuss the role of old and new media in the formation of transnational relationships and communities (e.g. diasporic communities, virtual communities).

Topics covered

  • Theories of globalisation
  • Global culture and cultural imperialism
  • Reporting the world: understanding international news
  • Local journalism in a global context
  • National cinemas in the age of globalisation
  • Transnational cinema
  • Video games and game cultures in a global context
  • Transnational relationships and digital media
  • Transnational communities
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