Managing Value Creation Processes from Idea to Market

Module code: MN7702

Success increasingly demands the nurturing of a culture which can efficiently harness value creation processes across all areas of organisational life. Value needs to be co-created at every step of the transformation process, from an initial idea through to its eventual diffusion into the marketplace.

This module maps the value co-creation process throughout all of its decisive stages of operations, innovation, and marketing insight. The module draws upon and integrates concepts from across the fields of operations management, innovation, entrepreneurship and marketing.

It will provide you with a range of strategy perspectives and operational toolkits, so you can turn good ideas into great products and services that facilitate superior value propositions for all stakeholders, including customers.

Topics covered

  • Principles of marketing to plan, analyse, implement and control organisational processes
  • Relevance of the marketing concept and marketing orientation
  • Relevance and value of marketing operations for consumers, society and organisations
  • Strategic brand management and consumer insight
  • Operations strategy
  • Services and product operations
  • Managing schedules, technology, resources and processes critical for the maintenance of operations and services
  • different forms of innovation (e.g. product and service) and entrepreneurship (e.g. technological and social)
  • Typical patterns of technology and innovation and their implications for innovation strategy
  • Key organisational factors that help or hinder innovative and entrepreneurial activity within an organisation
  • How ideas are generated, developed, and shaped during the innovation process
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