Technology in Financial Markets

Module code: MN3139

New technologies and innovations have transformed every area of the financial markets over the years. Transformative technologies such as ticker tapes, remote trading, electronic trading platforms and algorithmic trading have changed the face of trading. Innovation is continuing apace, with exchange-traded funds and cryptocurrencies gaining prominence over recent years, amongst others. During this module, you will look at financial innovation and how it has affected the management and strategy of the markets.

You'll look at:

  • The relationship between technology and financial innovation
  • Drivers of financial markets and financial products innovation
  • The operational and strategic reasons for the adoptions of particular market technologies and innovations
  • The management and implementation issues involved in the introduction and exploitation of key innovations
  • Issues of organisational form and governance raised by these innovations
  • Broader reconfigurations of market structures and their implications resulting from particular ICT-based innovations

Topics covered

  • Introduction to studying the Technological Transformation of Financial Markets
  • Theories of technological change and innovation 
  • How technology has changed securities markets
  • Technological change and non-securities financial markets (FX, commodities, futures)
  • Technological change and payments
  • Key ICTs involved
  • Technology and New market products (ETFs)
  • Technology and New forms of trading: P2P lending and Social trading
  • Technology and changes in payments: Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain
  • Finance and Big data

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