Globalisation and Skills

Module code: MN2144

Globalisation is changing the nature of the global employment market and the skills needed in the workforce. We are seeing important shifts in the types of jobs that make up the economy. These shifts have been brought about by many factors. In this module, we will examine, conceptualize and discuss the impact of these factors and the global economic trends on job destruction, job creation and changing skills demand. 

Within this module, you’ll explore the importance of assessing and anticipating changing skills needs in the world of work today. Discuss the implications for human resource management and industrial relations. Analyse the different national approaches to skill formation and skill formation within multi-national companies.  

Using collaborative learning methods, the module adopts a student-centred learning approach. You will be encouraged to explore knowledge and understanding of the module content through participating in various lecture and seminar activities such as fun quizzes, drawing concept maps, engaging in guided discussion based on reading, a video or a podcast. You will get opportunities to raise questions and share experiences that are relatable and relevant to the module content. There will be discussions on topics of practical relevance linked to the module content to stimulate your thinking and develop critical insights into changing skills need in the world of work today.   

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