Sets, Relations and Groups

Module code: MA1105

This module is a broad-based introduction to fundamental ideas which form the foundation for mathematics. We shall focus a lot of our attention on sets and structures on them. We will discuss how different sets, or elements of them, may be related, what functions are, and what diverse types of infinite sets exist. We shall also look at different structures on sets, eventually turning our attention on the notion of groups, and their properties. 

At the heart of mathematics is the demand for proof. The material in this module will give an opportunity to explore and learn this and other essential mathematical skills. You will encounter formal logic, learn how to construct rigorous proofs and arguments built from a theory of axioms and previously proven results, and develop creative problem solving. The module aims to build your intuition for these abstract mathematical ideas both through formal theory and a diverse range of examples. The module shall also help you to build on group work and presentation skills.

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