Commercial Law: Domestic Sale of Goods and Agency

Module code: LW3311

In simple terms, this module examines the mechanics of domestic sale of goods contracts under the law in England and Wales.   
When studying this module, you will learn all about the ins and outs of legal transactions involving goods. Sales vary widely in nature from the purchase of a newspaper over a shop counter, to an oil transaction worth many thousands of pounds. You will use your new found knowledge to investigate what can go wrong with such contracts, and what remedies are available when things do go wrong. Through scrutinising the role of agents, the role of third parties and many other factors, you will acquire a thorough knowledge of Commercial Law.  

Topics covered

  • The role of agents
  • Rights and duties of agents and principles, and the rights of third party
  • Main statutory instruments of the UK on the sale of good and supply of services
  • Passing of property
  • Passing of risk in sale of goods transactions
  • Sales by non-owners
  • Selected aspects of consumer sales contracts under the applicable statutory regimes
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