Law in Practice: Legal Advice Clinic

Module code: LW3293

On this module you will learn how to work as a lawyer, by working for real-life clients in the Leicester Law School Legal Advice Clinic. After training on case management and practising relevant professional skills, you will regularly work in the Clinic with around one client every fortnight. You will start to manage a caseload, research your client’s legal problem, develop your experience in interviewing the client to greater effect and advise in person and in writing, all under the supervision of a solicitor. 

You will be able to develop professional and legal skills and gain greater confidence through this valuable work for the community in and around Leicester Law School.

You must comply with the Clinic Rules, and approach the module with commitment, good time-keeping, and professionalism. The areas of law covered will depend on the client queries but may include contract and consumer law, employment, housing, family, wills and probate.

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