Feminist Fiction

Module code: EN1060

This module examines the influence of feminism on fiction and considers the ways that fiction by women responds to debates about gender. It moves from proto-feminist fiction (Plath), through Second Wave feminism - looking at novels that focus on the intersection of gender and race (Morrison), gender and class (Barker), and gender and sexuality (Winterson) - to fiction that addresses postfeminism (Fielding).

By the end of the module, you will be able to identify and critically discuss themes and issues central to feminist fiction (e.g. female identity; sexuality; sisterhood; mental health; masculinity; intersectionality); situate texts in your socio-cultural context; evaluate the ways in which gender shapes the form and content of feminist fiction; discuss feminist fiction in relation to ideas drawn from feminist literary theory and criticism; intervene in debates about the concept of 'feminist fiction' and assess its relevance to the contemporary world.

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