Artificial Intelligence Architectures

Module code: EG7227

Artificial Intelligence (AI), the topic of this module, is set to radically alter our world in the 21st century. Data have been compared to the role of oil in the last century and AI as the “new electricity”. Engineers of all disciplines are increasingly using AI methods in surprising ways, for example to design new materials, model complex systems and optimise design solutions. In this module you will study and apply some state-of-the-art AI architectures for solving challenging real-world problems including classifying images, object detection and sampled time series such as sound and language processing. Developments in this area are moving extremely rapidly and a hot topic of practice and research is AI Safety and Responsible AI so we will touch on that as well.


  • Foundations of Artificial Intelligence – Humans and Machines.
  • Investigate the application of modern AI architectures to real world data in a variety of contexts
  • Neural network architectures and learning algorithms, such as
  • Deep learning techniques for automated feature representation
  • Convolutional neural networks for real-world image processing tasks
  • Recurrent neural networks for time-series analysis – e.g. real-world sound and speech processing
  • Evaluate the performance of an AI architecture in a particular context and improve it
  • How to apply ethical principles to building safe and responsible AI systems, fairness such as reliability and safety, privacy and security, sustainability, inclusiveness and transparency
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