Advanced Composite Materials

Module code: EG7126

In this module you will be introduced to a subset of materials called composites, their uses, and the ways they can be analysed and used in engineering applications.

The main aim of this module is to allow you to calculate properties of advanced composite materials, with a focus on structural analysis of Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) laminates. Composite materials are a very interesting group of materials that have important applications and properties. Aerospace applications and general high end engineering applications are some of these and the use of composites is always increasing. They have some significant differences than conventional materials that make them unique in their behaviour and the way they are analysed. In this module, you will learn how to design composite materials for multiple applications such as components for space applications like satellite shear walls. Additionally, you will learn how to simulate different composite materials using Finite Element Analysis.

Topics Covered

  • Composite types and their constituents
  • Elastic properties of composites
  • Mechanical properties of composites
  • Laminate Theory
  • Design and analysis composite materials using FEA
  • Applications for composites
  • Failure mechanisms of composites
  • Sustainability of composite materials
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