Advanced Electrical Machines

Module code: EG7034

In this module we will learn how to make detailed calculations and predictions of the operation of machines under steady state and dynamic conditions, and when connected to electronic drives. We will cover the basis of electromagnetic torque production in a wide range of electrical machines, and will look at the construction, design and operation of brushless permanent magnet dc motors, and apply appropriate analysis. We will also explore the application of appropriate detailed analysis for the evaluation of machine performance, including stator and rotor pole numbers and the relationship to the number of phase windings.

Topics covered

  • Application of matrix methods to electrical networks, voltage equation, impedance matrix, linear transformations electric circuit analysis.
  • Linear transformations, 3-phase to 2-phase, 2-phase to stationary axes, brush shift.
  • The form of the transient impedance matrix, fundamental torque equations.
  • Incorporation of saturation, slip dependence of rotor parameters, edgy current loss, phase sequence reversal and incorporation of mechanical system models.
  • The basics of electromagnetic torque production for singly and doubly excited systems.
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