Service Design

Module code: CO4225

There is a growing demand for human-centred digital services in the public and private sector, with governments, companies and organisations seeking to improve the quality and innovation of their services beyond product design. Many organisations and governments around the world are moving towards creating and redesigning their services, processes and business models through design innovation and service design. In principle, innovating services involves many different disciplines - including engineering, ethnography, design, management, marketing, architecture and psychology - to better understand and account for different stakeholders' needs.

To get this understanding, service design combines human-centred and collaborative design methods and strategies to uncover and fulfil different user needs in order to improve the overall UX service experience when designing and delivering services.

Topics covered

  • Service design principles
  • Service design tools
  • Service design methodologies
  • Business thinking vs service design thinking
  • Service design process and prototyping
  • Evaluation methods for service design
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