Games and Gamification

Module code: CO1112

This module will teach Java programming for games through a series of practical workshops and GIS. It will also reflect critically on ‘serious’ gaming through a lecture and seminar series.

Topics covered

  • Java Programming for Games
  • The Game Design Process: Conceptualisation, iteration, phases of workflow
  • Game Design Theory and Practice: Identifying the elements within effective design and how they are implemented
  • Documenting the Design: Interactive oriented design, technical design, capturing requirements
  • Overview of Games: A brief history of games, game art and gamification
  • Game Platforms (e.g., XBox, Wii, PlayStation)
  • Game platform languages (e.g., C++, Java, Lua, Python)
  • Game platform constraints
  • Games for Change: Understanding how games can benefit society
  • Game Mechanics: Deconstructing core components of popular game genres
  • Gameplay Constructs: What is gameplay and how is this broken down and communicated within the game design
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