Physical Chemistry

Module code: CH2203

During your first year at Leicester, you will have been introduced to the core systems behind physical chemistry - the application of principles from physics to the study of chemical systems. This module will expand on those further and delve deeper into the infrastructure behind chemistry.

Topics covered

  • The thermodynamics of solution formation
  • Different methods of transportation
  • Ion migration & diffusion
  • The nature of a colloid and its stability
  • The size and shape of colloidal particles, and the interplay between the attractive and repulsive interactions between them
  • The principles of collision theory and transition state theory
  • Reactions and their associated mechanisms including methods available for their determination
  • The kinetics of chemical reactions and how they are influenced by homogenous and heterogeneous catalysts including associated mechanisms; how catalysis can be monitored and modelled
  • Qualitative and quantitative analyses of and solving problems involving the movement of charged and neutral species in solutions and kinetic data
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