The Leicester Medieval Research Centre

Past PhD projects

The work of research students at Leicester is wide-ranging, as thesis topics span the whole of the Middle Ages, from the 5th to the 15th centuries, as well as across the full range of disciplines represented within the College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities.

Browse our past research theses below, our see our current PhD students and their projects. Enquiries from prospective research students or postdoctoral scholars are most welcome. Contact us for more information and advice on potential supervisors.

Name Research
E Allan Saffron Walden c.1440-1490: Function and context of a late medieval small town (2010)
C Bielmann Society and Identity/Identities: religion, church and urbanism in Switzerland, AD300–800
J Clark Decorated Style: Architecture in Leicestershire
E Corradini Leofric of Exeter and his Lotharingian Connections: a Bishop's books, c. 1050–72 (2008)
Z Enstone The Representation of Morgan le Fay and Nimue in Arthurian Literature (AHRC) (2012)
G Farrugia Maltese Late Roman and Byzantine Funerary Architecture: A Multidisciplinary and Holistic Approach
M Holmes Food and status in the Saxon and Scandinavian burhs (2011)
N Jones A chronological study of the iconographic depiction of Christ in the Middle English religious lyrics (AHRC) (2011)
S Kilby Encountering the Environment: rural communities in England, 1086–1348 (ESRC) (2014)
J McCullough Christianisation of Greenland
A Morris Forging links with the past: 12th century perceptions of pre-Conquest Peterborough (2007)
E Pridgeon The Image of St. Christopher in English Medieval Wall Painting (2010)
D Sami From Theodosius to Constans II: The Settlement and Economy of Late Roman and Byzantine Sicily (AD 379–688) (2011)
G Speed Towns in the Dark? Archaeologies of urbanism from late Roman Britain to Anglo-Saxon England
G Sumpter Lady chapels in churches, c.600-1550
R Swistak Landscape Development in Central Derbyshire
K Taylor-Moore Borderlands: the Buckinghamshire-Northamptonshire border from 600–1600 (AHRC) (2013)

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