Leicester Medical School

Application scoring for A100 Medicine MBChB

Scoring of applications documents for A100 Medicine MBChB

Please note: we do not know what score will be required to be invited to interview as it depends on the quantity and quality of applications we receive.

Academic scoring

In considering your application, we will calculate a score for your academic ability, up to a maximum of 32 points, based on your UCAS form.

Applicants with predicted A-levels

Applicants with predicted A-levels (or equivalent qualifications) will be scored on 8 GCSE qualifications.

Applicants with achieved A-levels

Provided the applicant is within two years of leaving school, applicants with achieved A-levels will be automatically invited to interview for 2022 entry if they have attained:

  • At least grade B or 6 at first sitting in the 4 mandatory GCSE subjects
  • AAA at A-level (or 34 or more in the International Baccalaureate, including 666 in HL subjects) in our required subjects within 2 years of taking GCSEs
  • A total UCAT score in the top 5 deciles with an SJT band 1-3

Applicants with achieved A-Levels who do not meet the above criteria will be scored as predicted A-Level applicants.

Applicants with a predicted or achieved degree

Applicants with a predicted or achieved degree will be scored on 3 A-levels and their degree prediction or achieved classification.

Shortlisting for interview

Your academic score will be combined with a score based on your UCAT results, again up to 32 points, giving a maximum possible score of 64 points overall.

Your combined score will determine whether you are invited for interview. In order to distinguish between 'borderline' applicants, we may also take into account your 'personal qualities' based on your personal statement and reference.

Because applications are ranked, there is no set score which guarantees an interview. The threshold will depend on the quality and quantity of applications we receive. We reserve the right to change our scoring systems at any time in order to rank applicants appropriately.

We will take into account mitigating circumstances such as health problems or educational disruption if you tell us about them and provide evidence before 1 October of the year in which you apply.

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