Widening participation requirements

Applicants must meet all criteria in Group A and one criterion from Group B.

Group A

  • You are due to complete, or have recently completed, your A-levels/BTEC/IB/equivalent (completion should be no longer than two years prior to the start of the course) and have not already attended any higher education institution.
  • You must either:
  • You attended a state school for GCSEs (UCAS reference or confirmation letter from the school will be required)

Group B

  • You are, or have previously been, in local authority care/looked after (a confirmation letter from the local authority is required)
  • You live in a household with an income of no more than £35,000 (documentary evidence required)
  • You are the sole carer of a parent(s) or, if living away from home, you are the sole carer of a sibling (a confirmation letter from your school is required)
  • You have refugee status (a letter from the Home Office is required)
  • You attended a state school for GCSEs where the Attainment 8 score is below the national average. For 2019 entry, GCSE performance in 2017 will be considered according to the Department for Education performance tables (UCAS application)
  • Students who define themselves as being one of the priority engagement groups which include students from Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities, refugees and children of military families
  • Students living independently of parents (for at least the last 6 months) due to situations of family breakdown or 'estrangement'. 
  • Students who receive a UCAT Bursary award
  • Students from a home where neither parent/carer attended university in the UK or abroad.

Widening participation evidence

If you meet the criteria in Group A you may be emailed by the Admissions Team, after 15 October, to provide evidence for the Group B criteria.

Please do not submit this evidence before being emailed as you will have to complete a form to enclose with your evidence.

Due to the volume of applications, we cannot confirm when your evidence has been received. We also cannot send evidence back, so please ensure that you do not send original copies of documents to us.