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Widening participation

Our aim, where possible, is to widen participation at Leicester Medical School from under-represented groups and students whose background may have prevented them from achieving their full potential.  We have developed a six year medical degree A199 Medicine with Foundation Year MBChB which offers an alternative route onto the medical degree for talented school leavers who meet or who have achieved or are predicted to achieve BBB at A-level in our required subjects. This course is designed to give the background and support to enable students to flourish and become compassionate and skilled doctors.

Our A100 Medicine MBChB degree also aims to produce compassionate and skilled doctors from all backgrounds.  Due to the competitive and demanding nature of the A100 5 year course, we normally make offers to those who are predicted or have achieved AAA at A-level in the required subjects. However we may give a reduced offer to those who have completed one of the progression programmes below.

Progression Programmes

Progression programmes support students from under-represented groups and those who may have faced barriers to them achieving their full potential throughout Year 12 and Year 13. All of our progression programmes at Leicester are very valuable for enhancing study skills and preparing students for university life and study.  At Leicester Medical School we have our own AccessLeicester: Medicine which is supported by staff in the medical school and wider university.  The University of Leicester also supports and participates in the national Realising Opportunities Programme (ROP).  In recognition of the value of these programmes, we will consider making you an alternative offer of ABB at A-level for the A100 course if you have successfully completed AccessLeicester: Medicine or ROP. If you are interested in finding out more about our progressions programmes or other outreach activities, please email schools@le.ac.uk.

Please note that no alternative offer is available for Medicine with Foundation Year.

Contextual Data

When selecting for interview for our A100 5 year course, we score applications on academic qualifications and UCAT (see our scoring document).  The top scoring applicants are invited to interview without regard to their background or the school they attended. For those in the borderline group, all aspects of the application are assessed including the personal statement and reference.  We also look for a number of contextual markers (see scoring document).  An applicant with two or more contextual markers may be advantaged at this stage over another applicants with the same score and no, or fewer contextual markers.

A similar process occurs following interview, whereby the highest ranking candidates will be given offers without regard to other aspects of the application.  For those in the borderline group all aspects of the application will be reviewed, including contextual markers.

Mitigating Circumstances

If you feel that you have suffered substantial educational disadvantage or other personal or close family circumstances that have affected your studies, you can contact us about mitigating circumstances.

Access to HE Diploma Courses

For mature candidates we will consider an Access to Medicine course (see our entry requirements). We don't accept access courses in lieu of poor science A-levels, but we will consider candidates who are re-entering education from another career or have undertaken non-science A-levels and have fully reconsidered a change in their career path.

Please note those with prior degrees will be scored as graduates.

We do not accept Access to Medicine courses for the Medicine with Foundation Year course.

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