Mitigating circumstances

We aim to be as inclusive as possible and during the application process we will give due consideration to any mitigating circumstances that may have affected your academic achievement.

Our mitigating circumstances application form is for applicants applying to A100 Medicine MBChB and A199 Medicine with Foundation Year MBChB. Please note that this form is not for current Medicine students.

Our mitigating circumstances guide (PDF, 132kb) applies primarily to our current students, but it provides a definition of mitigation and is a useful indicator of the kinds of unusual circumstances which may constitute special consideration. Possible circumstances may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Personal health
  • Close family health (first degree relatives)
  • Domestic circumstances
  • Educational disadvantage
  • Educational disruption

If you believe that your academic achievement has been affected by any of the above then please complete our mitigating circumstances form as we may be able take these issues into account when assessing your application.

*Please note that where your mitigation request is for 'bonus points' rather than resits, the maximum number of bonus points awarded is usually 2, and the acceptance of your mitigation request is not a guarantee that you will reach the interview stage.

No decision on mitigation will be given via the telephone or before the online mitigating circumstances form has been submitted.


All mitigation forms and supporting documents must be received by midnight of 1 October of the year that you apply. If we do not receive your mitigation request by this date then it will not be considered and the scoring of the application will be carried out on the basis of no mitigation.

If mitigation is received by midnight of 31 August of the year that you apply we will give you a definitive response as to whether we will or will not accept it. After this date we are not able to guarantee a response before the UCAS closing date.

Mitigating Circumstances form

Complete the Mitigating Circumstances form for Medicine (A100) and Medicine with Foundation Year (A199).

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