Leicester Medical School

Applicants with disabilities and learning difficulties

We encourage applications from candidates with disabilities. All applications will be considered according to the University's Equal Opportunities Policy and taking into account the advisory guidelines in the Welcomed and valued published by the General Medical Council. The Medical School will endeavour to make reasonable adjustments for candidates with disabilities.

However, it must ensure that all candidates will be able meet the core learning outcomes and competencies of the course, and be able to practice as a doctor on completion of the course. The GMC mandates that in order to be conferred a medical degree, and be registered by the GMC on course completion, doctors must be able to perform a number of mandatory practical procedures outlined in the GMC's document Outcomes for graduates (PDF, 450kb).

We may refer applicants for Occupational Health assessment to determine what reasonable adjustment should be made. If, following an Occupation Health assessment, the Medical School are concerned that an applicant may not be able to meet the core learning outcomes and competencies, the admissions tutors will refer the case to a Fitness to Practise panel who will make a decision, independently from the admissions process.

Candidates should be assured that their application and interview performance will be scored without regard to disability or specific learning difficulties. However we advise candidates with a disability to inform the Medical School as soon as possible when invited to interview so that reasonable adjustments for multiple mini interview stations can be discussed.

If you have a health issue, disability or learning difficulty which has not been declared on your UCAS form, please contact the Medical School in writing. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

The University of Leicester has extensive learning support facilities. Leicester Medical School has a policy for the support of students with a disability (PDF, 103kb).

If you have any concerns or queries please contact us.

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