Leicester Medical School



Jan 4 -  Paralympic Sports Medicine (PDF 29kb)

Professor Patrick Wheeler


5 Oct - Integrated, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Lecture Recording)
Dr Edward Thompson, Vice President

13 April - Our Amazing Students – Medical Student Presentations and Essay Prizes (PDF 38kb) 


Ray Kee

Do No Harm : The Physician-Researcher Dilemma
Catherine Jones

Is it Ethical to Sell a Kidney ?
Alireza Majlessi

Do we really need animals in Cardiovascular Research ?
Rohan Mehra

8 June - A Tale of Two Halves (PDF 26kb)
Dr Saqib Anwar


1 Dec - The Initial Management of Military Injury, or why the Egyptians put donkey shit in wounds (PDF, 119kb)
Professor (Colonel) John Clasper CBE

3 NovemberBreathlessness … implementing a symptom-based clinic and spreading an approach to the wider system (PDF, 30kb)


3 DecemberManaging Heart Failure in the 21st Century - Systems not technology 
Dr Ian Loke

Curiosity and the Cat
Professor Melanie Davies

22 October - Fighting for Breath – The Life and Times of a National Clinical Director
Professor Mike Morgan

26 March 2019 - Genomic medicine and the dawn of treating the individual (PDF, 102kb)
Professor Julian Barwell FRCGP PhD and Pradeep Vasudevan (consultant clinical geneticists)

Following a lively question and answer session which included topics such as whole population screening, health insurance, the ‘death’ of textbooks, the drive from patient groups, the granting of drug licences and the development of epigenetic and role of microbiomes a vote of thanks was given by the President Professor Mayur Lakhani.

5 March 2019 - Adventures in medicine (PDF, 81kb) (including those of my great-great-grandfather Sir James Simpson)
Brigadier Robin Simpson (Queen's Honorary Surgeon, Professor of General Practice and Defence Postgraduate Medical Dean)

5 February 2019 - The general practice of the future: the future is already here (PDF, 105kb)
Dr David Shepherd FRCGP (Leicester City CCG)

15 January 2019 - Migrant doctors, architects of the NHS (PDF, 85kb)
Dr Julian Simpson MA PhD (Researcher, University of Manchester)


4 December 2018 - Edward Jenner: a man who changed the face of the world (PDF, 48kb)
Dr Gareth Williams MD ScD FRCP FRCPE (Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Honorary Senior Research Fellow in English, University of Bristol)

17 November 2018 - Annual dinner 2018
The Leicester Medical Society and the Leicester Medico-Legal Society
Guest speaker: Dr Waqar Ahmed MPhil MRCGP (GP and Comedian)

6 November 2018 - Reflections of a neurosurgeon from Leicester (PDF, 66kb)
Mr Ranjeet Bhangoo FRCS (King's College Hospital, London)

7 October 2018 - Can We reverse Type 2 Diabetes? Yes We Can (PDF, 72kb)
David Unwin FRCGP


7 November 2017Passing the Mother Test: Pre-eclampsia and other pregnancy complications
Professor Philip Baker

3 October 2017Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease in South Asians
Professor Kamlesh Khunti MBChB MD PhD FRCGP FRCP FMedSci

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