Media and Communication at Leicester

Career opportunities and events

Work placements at the News Centre

As part of our careers-focused strategy, which helps you prepare for the working world, second year students are offered work placements at the News Centre of the University of Leicester.

This work placement opportunity allows you to experience a corporate environment which deals with multi-channel media and communications daily, developing an appreciation of the role of a News Centre or Press Office as a communications service. You will have the chance to develop skills that are relevant to roles within public relations, journalism and marketing/communications. Tasks involve the following:

  • Writing items for the University's news website on a daily basis
  • Auditing and reporting on the University's media coverage
  • Following up media requests for experts to interview

We are currently developing other industry links.

Career opportunities and events

The Talent Academy

The Talent Academy is run in conjunction with John Coster from Citizens' Eye. You will work in groups to create content across several mediums, to present a journalistic narrative on a theme. The aim of the Talent Academy is to present you with a model of using mobile technology to capture video, audio and photography content, and utilising social media to be a journalist.

Intentions event

We survey first year students on their career aspirations, and then design a careers event based on the results. The event usually includes relevant professionals delivering workshops based on their industry, as well as a 'working day'.

Interview workshops

These focus on STAR techniques designed to prepare you for interviews.

Work experience/internship opportunities

These include opportunities such as Press Office placements. The project officer in Media and Communication also provides support should you choose to apply for summer internships.

Personal branding: online and social networking

This initiative focuses on helping you present a professional profile across several social media platforms. This includes emphasis on online etiquette and unprofessional or negative practices.

The Alumni Mentoring Scheme

This mentoring scheme is open for penultimate and final year students. The aim is to offer you an alumni mentor whose professional background matches your aspirations.

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